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Midface Lift Colombia

It is a surgery that consists of elevating the cheekbones and cheeks from the scalp, using deep, permanent threads, and minimal incisions.

Midface lift surgery has been around for about thirty years, it is performed through an incision in the temporal region (area hidden in the hair, above the ear). An endoscope (small camera in surgery) is used to dissect in depth and under direct vision, all the deep layers of the face that cause wrinkles. An incision is also made inside the mouth and internal sutures are made. They are anchored from the cheek and mouth to the hair region, causing a lifting and filling effect on the cheekbones that rejuvenates the face and improves the wrinkle that usually appears between the cheek and the mouth.

Thread tension surgery is performed mainly in people between 30-50 years old, it is an outpatient procedure and does not leave visible scars.

Unlike tension threads performed in the consult, their effect lasts several years, because the layers of the face must be separated surgically, to be able to pull them, fix them in a new position and ensure that they stay there permanently, on the contrary, The tension threads are performed without surgery, in an office, no dissection is performed, which is why their effect lasts 3 months because the tissues return to their natural position.

On the other hand, the surgery performed by Dr Tomas Feria lasts more than 5 years. Drains are usually left, to avoid blood accumulation, chin guard should be used all the time to reduce inflammation. It is always performed in the operating room and can be done with other facial surgeries at the same time such as eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty, frontoplasty.

midface lift colombia

Midface Lift Colombia - Before and After

midface lift colombia
midface lift colombia
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