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Tummy tuck Medellin Colombia

Tummy tuck is a surgery aimed at people over 35 years of age, who usually gained weight or have had children, and have excess skin on the abdomen, this causes rolls in the abdomen, and the objective of the surgery is to show off an abdomen flat.

Generally, tummy tuck is performed through an incision above 8 cm from the genital region, the scar is hidden under underwear or a swimsuit.

A cutout of the navel is performed, which is removed from the abdomen like unbuttoning a button on a shirt and put back in a better position.

In every tummy tuck, a corset-type plication is performed, which allows the diameter of the waist to be reduced and optimize the aesthetic result.

In more than 90% of abdominoplasties, additional liposuction is performed to increase the aesthetic result.

tummy tuck Medellin
tummy tuck Medellin
tummy tuck Medellin
tummy tuck Medellin

After 2 days of an tummy tuck, a full girdle should be worn to help skin adhesion and prevent skin laxity.

After pregnancy, it is normal for stretch marks to remain; tummy tuck allows for skin trimming to remove most of the stretch marks located below the navel.

Can abdominal marking be performed in an tummy tuck?

In an tummy tuck, abdominal marking cannot be performed because all the natural adhesions that provide this effect are released. The most common thing is to achieve a flat abdomen. The additional effect that Dr. Tomas Feria performs is a delimitation of the semilunar lines to give a better result. aesthetic.

In all abdominoplasties, a drain is left to eliminate excess blood accumulated in the abdomen. This drain is usually removed 10-12 days after surgery.

In some people who have undergone bariatric surgery, it is common to perform a torsoplasty in addition to the tummy tuck, in patients with excess skin on the back, and the same surgery is used to perform the procedure.

Tummy tuck Benefits

One of the main reasons for having an tummy tuck is the appearance of the navel. Patients report that they do not see their navel and that it has an unaesthetic or “sad” shape. In these cases, the tummy tuck helps to improve the location and appearance, giving it a very This result, added to the flat abdomen, makes the tummy tuck one of the most performed surgeries.

Tummy tuck Post-operative

Among the post-surgical tummy tuck accessories are: girdles, foam board, navel shaper, silicone sheets and healing creams, all of this to obtain the best result from an tummy tuck.

Massages are also recommended to increase the adhesion of the skin to the entire body, this also improves post-surgical pain.

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