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Gynecomastia Surgery Medellin

Gynecomastia surgery is surgery to reduce the size of the breasts in men, it is performed very frequently in young patients, obese patients, transgender patients or due to adverse effects to certain medications.

Gynecomastia Surgery Medellin

How is done Gynecomastia Surgery ?

There are two ways to operate on gynecomastia: with ultrasonic liposuction or with traditional surgery. Gynecomastia surgery with ultrasonic liposuction uses Sonoca (Soring® or Vaser®) that allows the fat to be “melted” and aspirated at the same time. The breasts are composed of fat and breast tissue that is denser than fat, which is why reason why this technology is used, which has the power to destroy this type of tissue.

On the other hand, traditional gynecomastia surgery is performed through an incision around the nipple, and all the breast tissue is resected up to the pectoral muscle, so that no residual tissue remains.

The advantage of traditional gynecomastia surgery is the cost which is usually cheaper, the disadvantage is the scars around the nipple, although for many people this is not a disadvantage. Gynecomastia surgery has a high satisfaction rate, because the objective is achieved in most cases. The disability time is approximately 10-15 days.

In the postoperative period of gynecomastia, a sports belt should be used on the chest to seek adhesion of the skin on the chest.

Gynecomastia Surgery Before and After

Gynecomastia Surgery Medellin

In cases of gynecomastia due to obesity or excess fat in the chest and abdomen, it is recommended to perform liposuction or liposculpture to improve the overall result, because there could be a contour asymmetry, with a flat chest but with rolls in the back and abdomen.

In adolescents with gynecomastia, we generally perform a comprehensive consultation, with medical treatment before surgery; if this does not work, we perform gynecomastia surgery.

The main advantage of gynecomastia surgery is being able to feel a little more comfortable in tight clothing and without a shirt, when you are in the sea, in a pool or in a lake, without having to feel uncomfortable because of the size of your breast.

If you are in Medellin or going to travel there and want to have gynecomastia surgery, schedule your appointment!

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