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Removal of Biopolymers on lips

Unfortunately, currently biopolymers persist in the community of people, these are substances not permitted for use in humans, which are injected into the body by unsuitable personnel, who take advantage of people's lack of knowledge in this regard.

How do I know if I have biopolymers on my lips?

Symptoms usually appear after a year of injection, causing pain, inflammation, edema, foreign body sensation, alteration in lip sensitivity, among others.

The prognosis is latent, causing all these symptoms for many years, so it is recommended to remove the biopolymers on the lips, trying to dry out the halogenous material and dry out the excess skin.

The surgery can usually be performed with local anesthesia (most common) and with general anesthesia; It is an outpatient procedure, with high satisfaction rates.

removal of byopolimers Medellin

Incisions are made in the oral mucosa, that is, the scars are hidden inside the mouth, an attempt is made to remove as much material as possible, which is impossible to remove completely, but a high percentage is removed.

One of the main risks is the need to remover a little lip muscle, due to the material becoming embedded in it, in addition to the loss of lip volume that can cause the appearance of an "empty" lip, which is why lip mucose removal is performed.

How long does the disability last after the removal of byopolimers on lips?

Usually, after 5-7 days the person is returning to work, it is recommended to eat soft foods that do not require a considerable mouth opening.

How much does lip biopolymer removal costs?

The cost of the surgery is about $8-10 million (COP) or ($2.500 USD), depending on the type of anesthesia that the patient chooses. It is also recommended to schedule an evaluation appointment to have a more exact budget.

removal of byopolimers Medellin

What are the complications if I do not remove the biopolymers on the lips?

Loss of sensitivity, progressive lip deformity, chronic pain, excessive infiltration that makes surgery difficult later on. In general, as time passes it becomes more difficult to remove them.

How to avoid being a victim of applying biopolymers on lips?

In general, it is recommended only to be injected by health professionals, specialists, who show you the product that is going to be injected before and after the procedure, who give you a serial number of the product with a respective catalog, which everyone usually brings all Hyaluronic acids on the market, this allows tracking the quality and guarantee of the product. The brand of injectables that I recommend the most is called Juvederm, Radiesse.

Removal of Biopolymers on lips - Before and After

removal of byopolimers Medellin
removal of byopolimers Medellin
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