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¿How is Eyebrow Lift performed?

It is the surgery to lift the eyebrows, put them in a better position, refresh the look and eliminate wrinkles on the forehead.

Eyebrow lift is performed using multiple techniques, the two main ones are: endoscopic (with small incisions in the hair) or open (larger incisions hidden in the hair), a deep dissection of the tissues is performed and later traction is performed in a superior direction and lateral, until lifting the eyebrows to a more harmonious position.

It usually lasts 2-3 hours, is accompanied by eyelid surgery, all this to achieve upper third facial rejuvenation. One of the main precautions is to do it in a subtle way so as not to alter the characteristic facial features, always trying to make it look as natural as possible.


¿Quieres saber sobre la frontoplastia de reduccion?


How long does it take to recover from Eyebrow Lift?

Generally, a full recovery takes 10 to 15 days

How long does an Eyebrow Lift last?

It takes 3-4 hours on average

Should I stay hospitalized or is it an outpatient procedure?

It is outpatient

¿Do I leave the hospital with drainages?

Yes, We usually let drain tubes to avoid hematoma formation

¿Do i need to stay in the city after surgery?

Yes, we advise you to remain in the city at least 2 weeks after surgery.

¿Can I have surgery if I already had a frontoplasty before?

f possible, it is usually done 8-10 years after the previous procedure, and requires minor skin resection. In some cases botox is enough

¿Can I also operate my eyelids with Eyebrow lift

Yes, I usually propose to the patient to do both surgeries, this to achieve a more harmonious result

How long can I exercise after a frontoplasty?

It is recommended to avoid exercise 4 weeks after surgery

How long will it take to see my final result after Eyebrow Lift?

Final results usually take a year, but you can see about 80% of it 4 months after surgery.

¿Can I have rhinplasty at the same time?

Yes, but it is important to rule out medical conditions that prevent us to perform a combined procedure