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What are plastic surgery complications policies?

They are policies that insure the surgery performed, generally they have a cost that oscillates between $300,000 COP and $700,000 COP depending on the surgery

How much value do you insure?

The insured value ranges between $50,000,000 COP and $100,000,000 COP , covers all kinds of care, surgeries, blood tests, images, interventions by other specialists.

How is the complications policy activated?

You must call the surgeon or contact him and refer your concern, an urgent valuation appointment is scheduled and he determines if it is necessary to activate the policy. If you think you need urgent attention, you should go to the Las Vegas Clinic, through the Emergency Unit and you will be attended immediately.

What insurance companies are in charge of issuing the policy?

The main insurance company is Seguros Sura, there are also agreements with Panamerican Life, and other companies.

What requirements must I meet to be able to buy a policy?

Having an EPS, this is an essential requirement to be able to perform the surgery and acquire the policy

What happens if I live outside of Colombia and I do not have EPS (Colombian regular insurance)?

Insurers already have everything necessary to provide insurance to people who live outside of Colombia.