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We are located in the city of Medellín (Colombia) in the El tesoro shopping center, in a new tower called medical tower number two, office 12 57. This shopping center has covered parking spaces, has a food court, cinemas, and shopping so you can have a nice time after your medical visit. In addition, it is connected to Quirófanos El Tesoro, one of the surgical centers in which Dr. Tomás Feria performs his surgeries

The climate of the city of Medellín is temperate, which means that you must have clothing for heat and rain.

If you are looking for accommodation close to the area of operating rooms and the medical tower, I recommend the Novotel hotel that is located inside the shopping center treasure, additionally there are many hotels around and you can also get Airbnb.

You can contact us via Email and also via WhatsApp to the number +57 305 417 5428, where you can contact the secretary of Dr. Tomás feria who will help you solve your doubts scheduling your appointment or scheduling your surgery in advance

We hope to meet you soon, and have the pleasure to guide you in getting the changes you want