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Chin implant Surgery

If you want to improve the profile of your face, giving it a more defined appearance, mentoplasty is a procedure that can change your life, that is why we tell you about before and after mentoplasty.

Mentoplasty is a surgery in which the volume of the chin is increased to achieve more projection, that is, it is further forward of the facial plane, or to give it more height, that is, to lengthen the face.

Mentoplasty can be performed using 3 techniques: with fillers, with an implant or with osteotomy (bone mobilization). The preoperative evaluation of mentoplasty is very important; it is carried out with a clinical examination, presurgical photos and special x-rays.

The surgery is performed under general anesthesia, the incisions are hidden inside the mouth, and the recovery time is approximately 7 days.

It can be accompanied by lipografts on the cheekbones and lips. In this surgery, a small liposuction is performed to obtain fat and transfer it to the cheekbones to complement the contouring of the face. The incredible advantage of mentoplasty combined with fat lipograft is that it provides permanent aesthetic changes, unlike Hyaluronic acid which loses its effect after 6 months

In mentoplasty with implant, a silicone implant is inserted, De Tomas Feria uses Silimed chin implants, which are safe and achieve an immediate result. These can last a lifetime, they do not cause allergic reactions.

Chin augmentation with bone surgery

In bone mentoplasty, a cut of the chin bone is made and the necessary millimeters are advanced to achieve the desired result, the bone is fixed again in the desired position. Combined rhinoplasty and mentoplasty surgery is frequently performed, achieving extreme changes, with high satisfaction rates. After mentoplasty surgery, the patient can eat without restrictions, can speak without limitations.

Can I have neck liposuction and mentoplasty?

On some occasions we also perform neck liposuction combined with mentoplasty, to optimize the result, managing to improve what is known in the world as “double chin” or double chin, in this way the neck and chin are better defined.

If you are interested in learning more and knowing if you need a mentoplasty, schedule your evaluation appointment.

Chin implant Before and After

Chin implant Colombia
Chin implant Colombia
Chin implant Colombia